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Country Peach Cobbler Topping: A Canning Photo Story

Photos from the kitchen tell their own stories. Food images suggest smells, hint at flavours and textures, and come as close to putting you there in that moment, apron on and knife in hand, as anything else I can think of. I have been sharing these canning photo stories for six months now (see pickled beets, cucumber relish and crunchy dill pickles) because I think they truly give you a sense of the experience.
I can write on these pages that canning is beautiful, that it's useful and satisfying and practical. But instead I want to take you into my west coast island kitchen where some juicy summer peaches are waiting for us. Let's peel and chop all that fuzzy fruit and simmer it into a gorgeous country peach cobbler topping (page 221 in The Canning Kitchen), and preserve it in jars to enjoy another day with pancake breakfasts and ice cream desserts to come.
I'm going to put my words away now and invite you to scroll down with me and experience the joy of canning peaches in cinnamon, brown sugar and vanilla.


Photos say a lot, and yet this country peach cobbler topping tastes even better than it looks. What are you canning this summer?