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Top 10 recipes that got away in 2012

There are enough top 10 lists at the end of any year to form a list of The Top 10 Top 10 lists. So, this isn't a list of this blog's most-viewed recipes in 2012. Instead, I figured I'd end my blogging year by putting together a list of what I think are the Should Have Been Top Tens; the recipes I adored writing, eating and sharing with you over these last twelve months but that didn't get a whole load of love in pageviews. They're the recipes that got away. So, read on. Maybe you'll feel a little regret that you didn't make the most of them when they were available and, after a few drinks late at night, start wondering why it is you never really connected and decide to give them another try.

1. Garlic dill pickles
Learning to make perfect pickles is like riding a bike. Okay, not really. But you could eat these pickles while riding a bike, and that's a pretty good first date.

2. Sesame chicken and mushrooms
This dish makes me so happy I want to dance when I eat it. A slow and dirty dance complete with goofy, self-mocking facial expressions.

3. Crunchy coconut and lime chicken drumsticks
I want to eat some then use a pair to beat a steal pan drum under a palm tree while wearing a coconut bra. Let's delete the evidence though, m'kay?

4. Best ever chocolate chip cookies
I'm not kidding. Best ever. Certified by the people who decide such things (okay, Mr. Feedbag).

5. Silky chocolate pudding
Uh... what? Sorry, I got distracted looking at the photo. I can't... ya. Good.

6. Strawberry apple pie with pastry stars
A simple fruit pie goes Hollywood. Except here fat is your friend.

7. Crab and Asiago rice bake
Hot and creamy. It's like 50 Shades of Seafood.

8. Spiced orange pork stew
So weird it's wonderful. Instead of simmering meat in stock, pork meets citrus juice and they're a perfect match.

9. Sweet and salty chicken wings
These saucy little numbers aren't just appetizers. They're the main course, baby. Napkins optional.

10. Mediterranean pasta salad
This fresh and fabulous classic has been attending our family barbecues longer than my husband has. We go wayyy back.

Sometimes recipes aren't love at first sight. And that's okay. Sometimes you have to try them out and see if there's anything there. But in the end, sometimes the first instinct is the right one and it's not you, it truly is them.  For whatever reason you read this blog in 2012, thanks for showing up. I hope you come back in 2013.