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Grilling e-cookbooks: Bombay meatballs & mushrooms

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I was paid by the Turkey Farmers of Canada and Mushrooms Canada to contribute content to these e-cookbooks.

It's still summer. That's what I keep reminding myself whenever I feel the back to school insanity breathing down my neck. I know the Good Mother manual says I'm supposed to be Planning For Fall, and I will do that eventually, but I'm too busy right now enjoying the very best of summer. I don't want to rush the couple weeks I have left with both kids at home. If I really savour it, two weeks can be a lot of time. The parks and picnics, the peaches and beaches, it's all quality summer fun. And any dinner hot off the grill, like these Indian-inspired Bombay meatballs and mushrooms, is the ultimate summer meal. These juicy spiced meatballs are paired with foil-wrapped mushrooms cooked in a creamy curry sauce. Yum.

I created this recipe using versatile and tasty ground turkey and plump white mushrooms for two grilling e-cookbooks by the Turkey Farmers of Canada and Mushrooms Canada. The best part is both editions are available for FREE download!

Get the Tasty Turkey e-cookbook here.
Get the Mushrooms Canada e-cookbook here.

Earlier this summer I shared photos from my other recipe in the e-cookbooks, grilled turkey and mushroom skewers with peanut sauce. Both recipes are only available in the e-cookbooks, along with many other gorgeous mushroom and turkey grilling recipes from some of my favourite food bloggers, so download your copies and go make some gorgeous grill marks.

It's still summer.

How do you like to grill turkey and mushrooms?