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Grilled turkey & mushroom skewers with peanut sauce

This is a sponsored post. My love of turkey and mushrooms is pure free will.

Nearly every memory I have of eating food off a stick is a good one. Whether it was a stick from the woods for a campfire or one of those flat and slightly too thin corn dog sticks or a cube of cheese on a toothpick at a party, the tasty scale was enhanced by the non-requirement of utensils. Yup, somewhere in the human mind stick equals yum. The popsicle company people know what I'm talking about. So do the candy apple people. And while we lick that golden ooey goodness off our fingers around the campfire, the marshmallow company bigwigs are laughing all the way to the bank. "Fools," they laugh, "Don't they know it's just sugar?" Ka-ching. Yes, stick equals yum.

So, when I was asked by the Turkey Farmers of Canada and Mushrooms Canada to contribute two recipes to their summer grilling e-cookbooks, food on a stick easily came to mind. The recipe I'm featuring this week is tender chunks of turkey breast and cremini mushrooms grilled on wooden skewers (which is just a fancy word for stick, really) and coated in a silky peanut sauce, which can only lead to good times around the summer barbie. The recipe is easy. The gorgeous sauce is divided in two so half of it can be used during grilling and the other half is warmed in a saucepan and drizzled over the grilled skewers or used for dipping. With some grilled veggies and hot sticky rice, it's a real stick-to-your-ribs summer dinner.

I want you to have this recipe. But I want you to have all the other turkey and mushroom grilling recipes too. And you can because these two e-cookbooks are totally FREE!

All the recipes in these e-cookbooks are the work of ten food bloggers throughout Canada, and the signature style of each blogger really comes through. There's so much creativity on each page that there's really no excuse for boring barbecues this summer.

What's your favourite food on a stick? How do you like to cook turkey and mushrooms on the grill? Leave a comment and go download the FREE e-cookbooks!