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Garden party fundraiser

Always a bit of a multitasker, I was happy to get on board when KitchenAid Canada asked if I'd be interested in hosting a party and raising funds for a good cause at the same time. The 1,000 Cooks For The Cure idea is simple: host a gathering between July 18th and the 28th and encourage guests to make a donation to The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation (Canada) or Susan G. Komen® (U.S.). I decided to host a knitting garden party for my friends, inviting them over to relax with nibbles and drinks in the backyard while getting in a few rows of knitting (we even had a cross-stitcher) and enjoying each other's company. 

My mom came over early to help me set up. I strung up some patio lanterns in the apple tree. The chairs were arranged in a big circle with a picnic blanket on the grass in the middle and throw pillows scattered around. The table was decorated with my mom's candles, balloons and a donation jar she decorated with pink ribbon. Not to be left out of anything, my kids got involved in the preparations by drawing a welcome message with chalk at the backyard gate.

The food included veggies and lemon dill dip, caramelized lime guacamole, tart cherry chutney and goat cheese crostini, tart cherry tapenade, gluten-free peanut butter cookies, and a friend brought some of her homemade marshmallows (pink, of course). To drink, we enjoyed wine as well as sparkling water with lemon and mint.

It was a lovely evening with a clear sky, good conversation and thoughtful generosity, raising $130 for the cause.