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Curried Apple Chicken Salad Lettuce Wraps

This post is sponsored by SweeTango. 

It's remarkable I've managed to be so quiet on apples so far this fall. In past years it has felt like wall-to-wall apple talk around here because I love the little things so much. Pretty sure I've even called them my favourite all-time ingredient in the past. I'll stick to that. 

The truth is some big changes have happened for me this fall. The biggest of which is I'm back in the workforce! I mean like, out there, beyond the walls of my kitchen and my laptop screen, doing actual officey things. My youngest boy is now in school (how'd that happen so fast?!) and so I have all this time during the day to get out there and be productive, for my family and for myself. And I'm loving it.

But I'm still blogging too, and sharing stories, images and recipes from my kitchen, like this oh-so-tasty chicken salad recipe. It gets a big flavour boost from curry powder and diced SweeTango apple. This apple has one serious crunch. In fact, the world record for loudest apple bite was won with a SweeTango. For reals, it's that crunchy. The experience of a SweeTango is described as a burst of sweet juice with notes of citrus, honey and spice. That's the kind of apple I want in my chicken salad!

Head on over to the SweeTango website to get your hands on the recipe, and let's be all-apple all-the-time together.