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Best Gifts for the Home Cook 2015

It's that time again! I'm sharing my 2015 list of the Best Gifts for the Home Cook and giving it all away.

As a passionate home cook, I think cooking-related gifts are just the best. They're fun to get and fun to give, and so practical at the same time because we all need to feed ourselves and our families. Whether it's kitchen tools to help get the job done, something edible like a new-to-you ingredient, or a gift certificate to get out and indulge in your love of cooking away from your own kitchen, cooks everywhere will love the items on this year's list.

The Best Gifts for the Home Cook list is my chance to say thank you for reading along all year and supporting my recipe writing habit. I know on the surface it's a bit self-indulgent to sit here sipping tea and writing about what I cook. I mean, I am but one home cook and I know there are home cooks out there working just as hard at it as I do, and even harder. But I really enjoy telling my stories and sharing my recipes and you seem to like reading it. So cheers! Here's to you and the time we spend together here. I hope your holiday season is delicious and full of magic.

Meet this year's Best Gifts list! All of these make great gift ideas for the home cooks in your life, or maybe even as a gift for yourself. I will be giving away all these items over the next several days, so check back to enter each giveaway.

Here is the list of this year's Best Gifts for the Home Cook:

A 7-piece Kuraidori knife set and block, available exclusively from Home Hardware.

A 3-pack gift set of handmade preserves from Saltspring Kitchen Co.

A gift crate of haskap berry products from Nova Scotia-based berry company haskapa.

A selection of baking tools to help you make classic patisserie favourites such as macarons and madeleines from Trudeau Corporation.

A cooking class gift certificate for The London Chef cooking school in Victoria, B.C.

Come back soon for your chance to win something from the Best Gifts for the Home Cook list. I can't wait to tell you more about them. In the meantime, browse each item and see if there's something to add to your Christmas wish list.

I love to hear from you! What catches your eye on this year's Best Gifts for the Home Cook list? Is there something here you'd just LOVE to find under the tree?