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In my kitchen with KitchenAid's NEW ceramic bakeware

Disclosure: KitchenAid provided me with a full set of bakeware at no cost to myself. A second set is being provided for a giveaway to one of you! This is not the giveaway post yet, so stay tuned and try not to hyperventilate until then.

I love new things in my kitchen, but they've gotta be worth the shelf space. All you people with small kitchens know what I'm talking about. I could bring in new stuff all day everyday, but unless they're going to be a useful part of my cooking routine, I just can't justify it. Trust me, there is a whole world of NICE kitchen stuff out there that I'd love to get my paws on. But in reality I know there's a good chance new stuff would just hinder my cooking mojo by taking up precious counter space and getting in the way of my rolling pin handles when things are getting real in the kitchen.

But here's the thing. If you're going to keep the gear to a minimum, you might as well go with quality. I'm talking about the stuff you depend on all the time in the kitchen like pots, pans and bakeware. These are the workhorses that you use to pump out meal after meal, so it's helpful if they are durable and well-made. When I was offered KitchenAid's new ceramic bakeware for my own kitchen and another set to give away here on the blog, I was like YUP and I'm in. Some of my old stuff is going to the donation centre and these beauties are moving in.

The ones you see here are the nesting set of 4 ceramic bakeware dishes. They have a pleasing oval shape and come in four handy sizes. That way you always have just the right size baking dish for whatever you're making, whether it's a roasted chicken for Sunday dinner, scalloped potatoes for a crowd or an apple crumble for one.

In the fall and winter, I could make dinner in these dishes nearly every night. There's something so deeply comforting about baking dinner in the oven and letting the wonderful aroma fill the whole house. These dishes are sturdy, can handle going from the freezer to the oven, and even come with a 5-year no chip warranty. The best part is they look great on the table, and I love the white interior because it lets you appreciate the natural colours of your food.

With these dishes, storage isn't a problem. All four bakeware dishes take up the storage space of just the largest dish because they nest so conveniently. Beautiful design meets smart function - just like my beloved stand mixer - that's what I think of when I think of KitchenAid.

There's another great piece that's part of the KitchenAid ceramic bakeware giveaway, and I'm going to tell you about that one next time Stay tuned to see that beauty, and then you'll be able to enter to win ALL of the bakeware pieces for your own kitchen!

Leave a comment! What are you making in bakeware this month? Do you need to add some new pieces to your collection?