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Weekend Wishes

Fall's approach is beginning to creep into my thoughts. Maybe that's because the air has cooled off a little here on the Island, tricking me into sensing change in that air. In truth, we still have quite a lot to pack into the rest of our summer - including another family camping trip - but I can no longer ignore fall's sneaky glances at us from around August's corner.

This weekend I hope to get some planning done, both in my head and in my kitchen. Here are my wishes for this weekend:

Preserve peaches for fall and winter
Inspiration: This super tasty peach-flavoured ale from Stanley Park Brewing

When Mr. Feedbag came home recently with bottles of this beer, we each cracked one open right away. It was light and refreshing with a sunshiney peach flavour. I absolutely loved it, and it reminded me how incredible it is to open a jar of home-canned peach preserves on a grey day in winter, months after they were available to eat fresh in hand. This weekend I'll be canning sliced peaches for desserts, baking and snacks in the months to come.

Make a list of quick weeknight dinners
Inspiration: Gaby's 10 easy back to school dinners

Sometimes the hardest part about getting dinner on the table is coming up with an idea. Seriously, why is that so hard sometimes? I want to make a list of go-tos, so I'm not stuck in that situation come September when things get a little busier with school runs, client commitments, weeknight meetings and kids' lessons. I don't know if I'd call it meal planning. More like creating a mental meal checklist.

Kill the kitchen chaos 
Inspiration: Apartment Therapy's 5 tips on what NOT to do when decluttering your home

Summer is for slacking and my kitchen is no exception. I move clutter around a lot from one work surface to another. It's not even important stuff. Just stuff, like empty mason jars, receipts and ingredients from the cupboard that I was going to use but didn't. It's stuff that has a home or can certainly be found one. By the end of the weekend, my kitchen is going to be tidy and organized again.

Do some back-to-work research
Inspiration: Just me

Next year at this time will be a bigger transition than normal for our family as I'll be preparing to return to work after more than 8 years at home (and working from home) with the kids. The plan all along was for me to go back to work once my youngest boy starts kindergarten, and that will be in the fall of 2016. With a year to go, I think it's time I start a list of potential employers. That way I can start information gathering and doing some networking, if only to prepare myself mentally at this point for that big change.

What have you got planned for this August weekend?