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Peaches & Cream Ice Pops

My summer fling with peaches isn't over yet. After making peach pie, canned peach slices (page 222 in my book The Canning Kitchen) and country peach cobbler topping (page 221), I still wanted just a little more peachy fun before those gorgeous British Columbia peaches disappear again for another year. I picked up a great new ice pop mold while in Seattle recently and I've been dying to use it, so something cool and creamy seemed like a grand idea.

It takes just three ripe ones to whip up these tasty peaches and cream ice pops. I love a sweet treat from the freezer, but I also like to eat healthy when I can. These pops get their fun flavour from just the juicy fresh fruit, naturally sweet evaporated milk, plain yogurt and vanilla. That means I can feel good about feeding these ice pops to my kids, and enjoy one (or maybe two) as a snack myself.

Because of the hot, dry conditions this spring and summer in B.C., a lot of our tree fruit and other crops have been weeks early. So get out there now, if you haven't already, and stock up on peaches before they're gone for another year. I missed the sour cherry window this year and I'm still kicking myself about it. Oh well, they'll be that much more special to me next year. But I have certainly made the most of peach season.

Get the simple recipe below for these peaches and cream ice pops...

Peaches & Cream Ice Pops
Makes 10 ice pops

3 medium peaches
1 can (370 mL/12 oz) evaporated milk
2/3 cup (150 mL) plain yogurt
1 tsp (5 mL) vanilla extract
Place the peaches in a medium heat-proof bowl. Pour boiling water over the peaches just to cover them. After 1 minute, scoop out the peaches with a slotted spoon and transfer to a bowl of cold water. Once cool enough to handle, slip off and discard the skins. Cut the peaches in half, discarding the pits.

Crush the peaches with a potato masher in a large mixing bowl. Stir in the evaporated milk, yogurt and vanilla. Transfer to a pitcher or large jug with a spout. Pour into 10 ice pop molds, leaving a little space at the top for the ice pops to expand in the freezer. Insert sticks or holders and pop in the freezer until completely frozen (at least 5 hours).

What kind of ice pops are you making this summer?