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Weekend Wishes

We are enjoying some much-needed wet weather here on Vancouver Island, so I'll be taking advantage of the cooler air this weekend and doing some more canning. Between games with the kids and my weekly run training, I'll be in and out of the kitchen all weekend with some different flavours in mind.

Here are my kitchen wishes for this weekend:

Pack a peck of pickled peppers
Inspiration: BC grown banana peppers from The Root Cellar

Home canners know how hard it is to resist all the piles of fresh produce at this time of year. Temptation is everywhere! So when I visited my favourite green grocer last weekend to pick up ingredients for the Crunchy Dill Pickles in The Canning Kitchen, I also picked up their gorgeous British Columbia grown banana peppers that were on for a good price. They've been in the crisper, and this weekend I'm going to slice them up for the Hot Pickled Peppers recipe in the book.

Play around with blueberries
Inspiration: Wanda's Blueberry Bourbon BBQ Sauce

Naturally sweet berries and tree fruits make so much sense to me in a grilling sauce, and I absolutely love the idea of dark and dramatic blueberries with grilled beef. This weekend I want to make something fabulous with blueberries - Wanda's sauce, a cocktail syrup, a pie, anything.

Make a minty mix
Inspiration: Joy the Baker's favourite summer drinks

I haven't really been making the most of all the mint growing along our fence in the backyard, so this weekend I'll be getting out the cocktail shaker and mixing up something minty. Perhaps with those blueberries.

What have you got planned in the kitchen this weekend?