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Weekend Wishes

Between kids, canning and a casual ride on my turquoise bike, I have a full and fun weekend planned. Summer sometimes feels like it flies by so I'm trying to make the most of long, warm days while I can.

Here are my wishes for this weekend:

Have a successful Pickle Day 2015
Inspiration: Songza's Farm to Table playlist

Yes, this is the weekend I will make almost all of our crunchy dill pickles for the next year - at least 40 jars! So I need some good tunes to keep me company in the kitchen while I stuff jars with cloves of garlic, fresh dill and crunchy cukes. Songza's playlist called Farm to Table sounds just about right.

Pack a great picnic
Inspiration: Gaby's Picnic 101 (How to Host the Best Picnic)

Lately I've been packing pretty lame family picnics. It has either been peanut butter sandwiches or we just swing by our favourite sandwich shop on the way to the park or beach, which can really start to add up. I'd rather have whole grain crackers with homemade spreads and fresh veggies and dip. It's all about planning ahead, so I'm getting on it.

Scale down on the kitchen gadgets
Inspiration: Rhik's hilarious review of The Egg Master

Sometimes I think having a small kitchen is a burden. Other times I realize it can actually be a blessing. With no space to waste, I have to be selective about what makes it into my cupboards and drawers. I'm getting rid of my slow cooker, for example, and Saturday's blog post will explain why.

Go for a bike ride without looking like a mess after
Inspiration: The best cycling-to-work tips from Chatelaine staffers

Helmet hair aside, I'm mostly annoyed that a bike ride around town in summer requires a shower immediately after. After getting a pedal problem fixed on my bike, I'll be heading out for a casual ride this weekend to look for ripe wild blackberries, hopefully looking relaxed and pulled together when I get back, rather than looking like a sweaty mess. I can hope.

What have you got planned this weekend?