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Weekend Wishes

I am trying out a new feature here on Family Feedbag. I want to be able to share more about what inspires me as a home cook and what my hopes are for the coming days in my small island kitchen. Even on days when I don't do much cooking, there is always something simmering away in the back of my mind - an idea for a recipe or a daydream about a new project - and sometimes just sharing them out loud makes them more real.

There is so much creativity with food being shared out there, beautiful writing and useful ideas, and my hope is to share the best of what I come across with you.

The greatest thing about home cooking, if you choose to see it that way, is that it is never finished. As home cooks, the seasons change us, time and experience changes us, and every evening we know more than we did that morning. We are ever evolving. Cooking is a lifelong dance and I choose to sway within it rather than stand in stillness against the rhythm.

So, here are my wishes for this weekend:

Taste something summery
Inspiration: Renée's list of 12 things we need to make this summer.

Beat the heat with something sweet
Inspiration: Alice's top 5 no-bake desserts.

Go somewhere new
Inspiration: Julie's food tour of Medicine Hat, Alberta.

Get a little rustic
Inspiration: Mardi's tatin de légumes (vegetable tarte tatin) and her adventures in France.

Sip something pretty
Inspiration: Jamie's summer fruit punch.

That's what's inspiring me this weekend, guys. Now go out there and have a fantastic weekend!