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A Cozy Christmas at Home

I'm popping by the blog for a friendly greeting from our cozy Christmas at home. With school out for the holidays and Mr. Feedbag off work this week we are making the most of our time together. Mornings start slower, with time to sip hot coffee and plan the day, afternoons stretch out with lazy bodies on the couch contemplating another run to the shops for last-minute stocking stuffers, and dinners are savoured over stories of Santa and speculation about reindeer flight speed. Yes, I love a cozy Christmas at home, me.

In the kitchen, the holiday baking started with some decorated gingerbread cookies. My kids love to add ingredients to the mixer and watch the dough come together in the bowl, so I moved the whole operation to the dining room table where it's easier to see what's happening. Then things got really festive over the weekend with my kids Christmas classes at The London Chef cooking school where we hosted 23 kids over two classes on Saturday. And the baking isn't over yet. Today, some of the neighbourhood kids are coming over to make decorated sugar cookies. The butter is out and softening on the kitchen counter, and I just might be the most excited of the bunch to do some more home baking.

So, with just a couple days before the Night Before, I send you warm holiday greetings and best wishes for your very own cozy Christmas at home.