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Change. Finding comfort.

That first sip of coffee took on a greater significance this week. Not for any reason in particular, but for a bunch of little reasons put together, that first taste has brought more comfort, more reassurance, than usual. The days are darker and the rainy season seems to have arrived. School started this week and my oldest boy is out in the world doing his own boy things. After years of 24-hour parenting, I have two mornings a week now that are mine and mine alone. It's good. And I actually kind of like change. But it's still... different.

So, as I sit here in a quieter home with just the littlest one pattering around in his jammies with a head cold, I have in my lap two special things that bring me comfort. The dirty dishes in the kitchen can wait. Let the rain fall on the windows. Right now, for just a little bit longer, I'm finding comfort in my coffee and knitting.

What small things bring you comfort?