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What to do with large pickling cucumbers

So, life gets busy sometimes and I left some pickling cucumbers on the plants too long in the garden. Oops! But not to worry. Although they tend to have larger, more plentiful seeds, softball-sized pickling cukes make great sandwich slicers. I mean, who doesn't want a crunchy pickle that covers the whole burger patty? No one, that's who.

Yesterday's harvest of mature pickling cucumbers became four 1 L (4 cup/1 quart) jars of sandwich slicers in brine seasoned with whole garlic cloves and dill seed. These will come in handy when it's time to start making school lunches again.

It's true, you know, sometimes procrastination pays off.

How's your summer veggie garden coming along? Leave a comment and tell me all about what you're growing...