Strawberry patch snapshots

A quick post to show you the insane gorgeousness happening in my strawberry patch right now. There are so many berries coming ripe, I'm not sure I'll be able to keep up. I'm not bragplaining here. Oh, no. I'm outright showing off this glorious goodness. This year's crop is so huge, so juicy and so red all the way through, I half expect them to say ouch when I slice them open.
So far my backyard berries have made a delicious batch of crimson strawberry jam, and the results are so heavenly I may just have to make a batch or seven more...
What's growing in your garden? Got any favourite strawberry recipes? Leave a comment and share your links!


  1. Oh I am having some strawberry envy! Do you have a problem keeping critters out? We have a serious squirrel problem in our back yard... and neighborhood bunnies. But I'd love a berry patch next year!

    Right now we're gorging on radishes and chives... lots of salads being eaten right now!

    1. No problem with critters so far. Watch, now that I've said that something will start. Darn neighbourhood bunnies! Who do they think they're fooling with their cotton tails and soft, floppy ears? :)