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Dishwasher Diaries: Shhh!

Disclosure: For the purposes of this miniseries, KitchenAid Canada provided me with one of their 6-Cycle/6-Option dishwashers at no cost to myself. Opinions are my own.
Dear Dishwasher Diary,
Life with kids is as noisy as it is messy. My two boys keep the volume level on full in our little house, and I often find myself asking them to settle down, calm down and turn it down. I get that they're just being kids, and I recognize full well the hypocrisy of me shouting "You're being too loud!" but there you have it. 
Mr. Feedbag has a 3-layers-of-sound theory. One person talking is fine. One person talking with a TV on and we're okay. But one person talking, a TV on and the kids rapping about bodily functions is just one layer too much. I have to live in this house too, and any opportunity I can get to minimize the constant racket in the house, the better.
My new KitchenAid dishwasher with its Whisper Quiet System means one less layer of sound in our busy home. I like knowing my dishes are being expertly washed and dried behind the sleek stainless steel door with its stylish heritage-feel Ultra Handle, but the premium sound insulation means I don't need to hear it happening. I'm okay knowing the PowerScrub jets and ProDry feature are getting the job done in industry-leading fashion without the sounds of spraying and swooshing to interrupt the interview on the kitchen radio. Even the SatinGlide racks are as quiet as can be when I'm loading it up. Most importantly, there's no sacrifice of cleaning power for quiet dishwashing.

As I type this, Diary, the kids are climbing on the furniture. The oldest one is wrestling his screaming face into a sleeping bag, while the youngest is jumping around shouting BOOM SMASH! I know it's normal for a family home to be noisy, Diary, but I'm so thankful that washing dishes doesn't have to add another layer of sound.
How noisy is your house? Do you have loud appliances? How do you keep the noise level down in your busy family home?