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Dishwasher Diaries: Cleaning Power Poetry

Disclosure: For the purposes of this miniseries, KitchenAid Canada sent me a 6-Cycle/6-Option dishwasher at no cost to myself. Opinions and dishwashing poetry are my own.
Dear Dishwasher Diary,
It's been a few weeks since I first met my dreamy new dishwasher. At first we took things slowly. Each load was set to 'normal' and I enjoyed the simple pleasure of good dishwashing and drying. Every load came out sparkling, and every dish went back into the cupboard dry. Life was good, Diary. But excellent washing and drying performance was kind of what I expected from a KitchenAid dishwasher. So, I decided to turn up the drama.
To truly test my new dishwasher's fortitude, I started throwing my worst kitchen messes at it. I gave it a sticky jam pot, a stuck-on rice pot, saucy ladles and wooden spoons, an eggy frying pan and scraped out marmalade jars. Larger items were faced toward the ProScrub jets at the back of the dishwasher, while smaller items were positioned over the targeted spray zones in the upper rack. Instead of 'normal' I started using the 'tough' cycle with the ProScrub option and default ProDry feature. And my dreamy dishwasher came through.
Things are getting serious, Diary. So much so I think my dreamy new KitchenAid dishwasher and I are now in the poetry phase of our relationship. Yes, it's true, and I want the whole world to know it! So, here goes:

Left: Lower ProScrub jets eliminate the need for soaking and scrubbing of casseroles and pots. Right: Slotted cutlery rack allows cutlery to stay separated for optimum cleaning and drying.
Yes, dishwasher poetry may be cheesy. But my dishwasher can handle cheesy. And saucy and syrupy and crusty and crumbly. That's just the kind of dishwasher it is. I could write more about my new dishwasher, Diary, but I'll save the rest for another day. For now, I'll leave you with this question.

Can your dishwasher handle everything you throw at it?