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Running for cookies

So, I'm lacing up my running shoes this evening and taking these with me. Yup, the running clinic I joined last week is doing a cookie night. We'll go for a run, then come back and share the cookies we brought with the group. I haven't overlooked the irony of that, and it won't be a regular thing, but I have to say I kind of love the idea: exercise so you can eat what you like. These are everyday people with everyday bodies who want to enjoy life. Last week our coach even made us run with a potato chip in each hand so we wouldn't clench our fists.
I have to admit, combining calories and exercise isn't exactly new to me. I belonged to a running group in the past that started and finished at a brewery. No, you read that right. We'd go for a long run then meet back at the pub where pitchers of cold beer would be waiting for us. I met some incredibly fun people there, and I'd do it again if there was a group like that where I live now.
I guess I'm going after that nice b-word in my life these days. Balance. Making room for exercise and loving life, including all the yummy things that happen in my kitchen.
Is food part of your reward for exercising? Do you belong to any interesting groups? Leave a comment...