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5 Tasty Ways to Use Relish

For too long relish has been the quiet, neglected condiment on the hot dog cart. Well, no more. Those tangy little bits of pickled vegetables can add serious zing, colour and texture to your cooking. So keep a jar handy in the fridge and start using relish in these 5 delicious ways.

Tartar sauce
This traditional sauce served with fish and chips is simply mayonnaise mixed with cucumber sweet relish. Whether you make your own mayo or buy it from the store, stir some in a small bowl with a spoonful of relish and you've got the real deal.

Picnic salads
Give potato salads and macaroni salads a punch of tangy flavour with a heaping spoonful or two of relish. A spicy tomato relish or classic cucumber relish adds a punch of colour to an otherwise pale salad.

Sandwich mixtures
Tuna and egg salad sandwiches are a lunchtime classic. A spoonful of relish in the mixture zings things up a bit and adds satisfying texture. This is the perfect job for dill pickle relish.

Relish adds some zesty flavour to your meatloaf and keeps it from drying out in the oven. Try mixing some tomato, onion or cucumber relish into your recipe the next time you make this classic family dinner.

Fish accompaniment
Whether it's baked or grilled, white fish or salmon, relish is beautiful and tasty heaped on top of steaming hot fish. One of my favourites is fish en papillote (fish in parchment) ripped open after steaming in its own juices and served with a mound of zesty corn relish on top.

How do you like to use relish? Leave a comment and share your idea.