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E-BOOK GIVEAWAY - Provide, Trust, Love

Hey, I totally get it. I really do. Feeding a family every day is hard work and I fully admit to struggling with the same challenges a lot of you face every day. I worry about picky eating, I worry they don't get enough variety, and I totally cave on a regular basis and make separate meals at dinner time. I don't do it because I don't care enough. I care a lot. I just haven't figured out a better way to get them to eat the stuff I want to cook for dinner without crying and gagging at the dinner table. When I say I understand what you're going through, I really, really do. 

I met recently for coffee with Dietitian Kristen Yarker of Vitamin K Nutrition Consulting. I had my littlest one in tow, and while he played Kristen and I had a good conversation about feeding kids and the ways she helps families overcome picky eating. Kristen herself is a former picky eater so she knows the issue both personally and professionally. 
Kristen is generously giving away a copy of her e-book Provide, Trust Love (then introduce new foods) to one lucky Family Feedbag reader!

Provide, Trust, Love (Then Introduce New Foods) is a step-by-step solution to transform your child from picky eater to food-confident kid. Want to take back control of mealtimes (without resorting to the forceful techniques of the past)? Want your child to try new foods on their own (without negotiations or being sneaky). Kristen has captured her 5 years of working with picky eaters in this guide e-book’s 4 simple steps, to take you from mealtime battles to quality family mealtimes. Give good nutrition for your child today, and instill a life-long love of healthy eating.

To enter, leave a comment at the bottom of this post telling me what your biggest challenge is with feeding kids. Be sure to leave your name and an email address I can reach you at if you win!

The contest is open until 9 p.m. Eastern/6 p.m. Pacific on Wednesday, December 18th, 2013. The winner will be selected randomly and notified by email.