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A reader makes his first apple pie and FREAKS OUT!

There are moments as a blogger when I wonder if it's all just a bit silly. The hours and the energy I put into developing and writing recipes and putting my thoughts into text and sharing it here, does it really matter? Should I be doing something more productive? Imagine how clean my house would be if I spent more time on housework and less time with this food blog silliness on the computer. But then something like Roland happens.

I was getting my hair cut recently when one of the stylists told me I just had to see the videos on her phone of her friend, Roland, making one of my recipes - his very first apple pie. To see someone so psyched about pie, and to know my silly blog played a small role in that, well... that's pretty special.

And, just like that, silly is really okay with me. In fact, maybe silly is exactly what makes life so wonderful. So, to all the bloggers and the writers and the photographers and the artists, keep doing your thing and putting it out there. It matters.

When's the last time you had as much fun as Roland in the kitchen? What can you do to start making kitchen time more fun?