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Mixing it up! A conference with KitchenAid

I had known for some time that there was going to be a first-ever national conference of the Food Bloggers of Canada this spring. I wanted to be there. I mean, these are people who totally get having to lick sauce off your lens cap, people who understand that sometimes dinner gets made at noon because it's too dark for decent photos at five, people who buy dented old spoons at thrift shops because shiny new ones mean seeing yourself reflected and contorted with a camera where your face should be in every soup shot. These are my people! And they were getting together in one place, for one weekend, to learn together and feed off each other's passion for blogging about food. Just one little thing: The conference was to be in Ontario, about 3,300 kilometres and a long flight away from where I live on Vancouver Island. I decided I was just going to have to miss it. There'd be other conferences, I told myself. I could always follow along online and try to not let the envy get to me. It was fine. Really (plastered-on grin).

Then I got the e-mail. KitchenAid, the conference's official appliance sponsor, wanted to invite me to attend as their guest! Uhhhmmm, for real?! I was thrilled at the opportunity to connect with a company I adore and with other food bloggers at the same time. Not surprisingly, it took me mere seconds to hit reply and let them know I was in. Well, okay, I may have shouted parts of the e-mail at Mr. Feedbag and done a little dance first.

I don't partner with a lot of brands, so when I do I like to make sure it's a brand that I am genuinely passionate about. KitchenAid is at the top of that list. My sturdy KitchenAid Artisan stand mixer is my most beloved tool in my kitchen, and my oh-so-important dishwasher is also a KitchenAid. Remember the time I tried to get all my turquoise kitchen gear in it? Yup. I'm thoroughly loco for KitchenAid. And, yes, turquoise too.

So, I'm preparing to fly out to Ontario and the gorgeous-looking Hockley Valley Resort in mid-April to mix it up with KitchenAid and other Canadian food bloggers! I can't wait to see some faces I've met before and make friends with some new faces. I mean, these are my people (genuine grin)!

I can't wait to share all the fun with you too! So make sure you're following along on my Facebook page and my Twitter profile to hear all about it.