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DIY - Paper Mason Jar Toppers

I love making preserves and I love giving homemade preserves as gifts. Admittedly, though, there's something a little unspecial about a two-piece mason jar lid. Designed for function not fashion, the metal lid and band need a little sprucing up before a jar of preserves becomes gift-worthy without any additional wrapping. I've done the fabric thing before, I've used ribbon and burlap and twine, but it occurred to me recently that a simple round of decorative craft paper would be adorable on top of my jars of homemade goodies, especially because scrapbook paper can be found to coordinate with any holiday or occasion. So, I found a pack of Christmas-themed paper on sale and set to work topping some jars with the pretty patterns!

Here's how I did it:

sheets of decorative paper
an extra mason jar lid without the band

I traced the mason jar lid onto my paper using the pencil. Using the scissors, I cut out the circle just inside the pencil line. I removed the band from my preserves (this does not break the seal), set the paper in place on top of the jar, then secured it in place by screwing the band back on. Cute! I even made matching gift tags and attached them with twine. Now my pretty preserves are even prettier!

What's your favourite way to decorate mason jars for gifting? Got any mason jar tips or tricks? Leave a comment and share your ideas!