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Favourite fall soups

As the wind gets cooler and the leaves brighter a warm bowl of soup takes on new meaning. It's no longer just food. It's a belly warmer, a mood booster, and an all-in-one easy and affordable meal. It's one of mankind's oldest forms of cooking in all cultures in all parts of the world, because few things nourish and comfort the body and mind so effortlessly like a warm bowl of soup.

Here are 6 of my favourite soup recipes for fall:

1. Yams and clams chowder
2. Bacon and beer butternut squash soup
3. Twinkle twinkle little soup
4. Maple roasted butternut squash soup
5. Carrot and ginger lentil soup
6. Sausage and kale soup

What's happening in your soup pot this fall? What are your favourite soup ingredients? Got a recipe to share? Leave a comment with a your recipe link!