Reusable snack bags

It was the perfect kind of evening. The kids were in bed, I had some fab music playing, and I got to spend some quality time with my sewing machine making these reusable snack bags. They only took me about an hour to make, and now I can buy a few less plastic baggies and send something soft and handmade to school in my son's lunch kit. When they're dirty they just pop in the laundry and can be used again and again.

I looked at a few reusable snack bag sewing tutorials online and decided to go with the one by Cotton Bottom Mama. It's incredibly simple to make - even for a beginner sewer - and doesn't have any fasteners of any kind. It's a basic lined pouch, which can be made in any size, with a flap that folds over to keep your snacks tucked happily inside until ready to nibble on. I used excess beige fabric trimmed from the bottom of some IKEA curtains and solid cotton fabrics to give the lining a pop of colour.

If you can sew a straight line, you can make these snack bags. It would be a fun group craft project too. Honestly, making these is kind of addictive! They're so quick and you can play with different fabric choices - new or recycled. Plus, they're totally practical and useful. I love that kind of project.

I love these. They make me smile.

What reusable food packaging do you like to use? I'm new to the packed school lunch thing, so leave a comment and tell me about your fave lunch kit products!


  1. Right now, I've just been reusing bread bags, but I do like the idea of cloth. I don't sew, but I know a few who do. It's such a smart idea.

  2. We use Onyx stainless containers. The two level rectangular ones are large enough to put and sandwich on one level...with maybe some cut veggies...on the other level you can put sliced apples or mixed nuts and dried fruit. I sometimes wrap cheese in a bit of wax paper and put on the same level with the apples or crackers. We've been using these for a few years and LOVE them. They aren't spillproof, so you can't do wet items, but it works fine for what my kids normally want to eat when we are out.

    Oh, and most kids 5+ seem to be able to open and close the containers on their own, so they can easily be used for times when kids are out on their own with the meal.

  3. I just spent my evening cutting fabric for these. I cut enough for a small village...I couldn't help myself, I kept coming up with fun combos from my scraps. Now to sew them all! Thanks for the motivation, this has been on my project list for ages.

  4. I love how they turned out! The solid colors are super cute. So glad you found my tutorial useful.

  5. This looks great! I don't own a sewing machine...if you have a few extras I'd be interested in buying from you. :)

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