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A painted table

I'm in love with our new turquoise dining table!

Our old dining table did the trick for many years, but I always felt it was a little too... officey. Not the sort of solid family dining table filled with character I longed for. So I started keeping an eye on for the perfect solid wood, previously loved table that I could put some work into and call my own. I found the perfect table this week, and now I swoon when I walk by the dining room.

I picked up this beautiful solid wood pine table with thick, detailed legs and a sturdy top for just $60 (after a little friendly haggling), and borrowed a power sander from my neighbour. My only additional expenses were a litre of paint, a paint tray and roller, some non-scratch pads for the legs and a dust mask. All in all, we ended up with a beautiful new dining table for about $90! 

Now I pause and smile every time I walk by the dining room. We're going to gather here for family meals for years. Holidays, birthday parties, and ordinary breakfasts and dinners. And the colour - bliss!

Fresh orange lilies from the garden seemed like the perfect accent for the lovely shade of pale turquoise.

Now I need to find some solid wood chairs to sand down and paint too! I'm thinking maybe four different ones, or two pairs, painted four different colours. Or maybe all white? I'm not sure yet.

Any ideas on what I should do for chairs? Do you love your dining table? Does it have a story to tell? What does your dream dining table look like?