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Garden goodness - rhubarb

There are few goodies in the garden I like harvesting more than rhubarb. I get such a thrill from snipping the stalks off the plant with my garden shears and removing the big, broad leaves to bring the long pieces into my kitchen to be made into something delicious. Rhubarb makes every pie, crumble, and muffin a tart-tinged masterpiece. Summed up, it's a stick of awesomeness.

My latest rhubarb harvest, the second this year, was fifteen large stalks off one plant! I don't know what it is about the cool start to summer here on the island, but my rhubarb is growing like crazy. The more the better, I say!

I used my latest rhubarb to make a crisp, but there was enough left over to pop in the freezer for future use. There's so much that can be made with rhubarb. Here are a few yummies I've made in the past:

I love rhubarb prepared many ways, but so far my kids' favourite way to eat rhubarb is simply hand-held and straight from the garden.
What is your favourite thing to make with rhubarb? Leave a comment and share your recipes!