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Measuring in colour

I love colourful kitchen gear, and I especially love colourful measuring spoons and cups! When I'm in a hurry it's easy to find a one teaspoon measure or a half cup measure when I know exactly what colour I'm looking for. Using pretty tools makes me a happier cook. And a happier cook makes yummier food!

So I was thrilled recently when I received some new measure spoons and cups from Trudeau to add to my collection of colourful measuring tools. They said they'd send me some stuff and I said I'd take some fun pics. It turns out, I've had lots of fun taking pics and I've created a game for you all! There are 22 words hidden in the photos of this post. Can you find them all?

Look closely!

Keep looking!

Is your face right up to the screen yet?

Almost done!

Did you find all 22 hidden words? 

What's your favourite colourful tool in your kitchen?