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Kitchen crushes - Trudeau pepper mill

It's time again for Kitchen Crushes! This time I'm swooning over my new Trudeau pepper mill. I had a minor (okay major) freak out in early December when I found out I won this 16-inch beauty in an online contest by the good people at Food Bloggers of CanadaA pepper mill had been at the top of my Christmas wish list, so there was dancing and jumping and phoning of people when I read I was the winner! I mean just look at it. Sleek, solid wood in a dark shade of espresso. A stunner!

The dancing and jumping resumed when my gorgeous beechwood grinder arrived on my doorstep a week before Christmas. As if Trudeau wasn't awesome enough for sending me a mill from their Professional series, they sent me a matching salt mill too! Swoon again!

These babies, with their carbon steel grinders, come with lifetime warranties. Perfect! Because I'm going to use a lot of pepper now.

So, I owe a big thanks to Food Bloggers of Canada and Trudeau for bringing freshly ground pepper and salt to my life. I also owe a big thanks to Mr. Feedbag who promptly dug out a receipt and returned the pepper mill he had bought me for Christmas. He assures me, having shopped around, my prize is in the fancypants category of pepper mills.

These beautiful mills now have a permanent home next to my knife block, and I've been using them a lot. In fact, the next recipe I share here on Family Feedbag will have plenty of fresh cracked black pepper! Coming soon...