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Best of the blog - Appetizers

Potluck. That word both excites me and makes me panic. What will I bring? When will I make it? How will I get it there? Between neighbourhood gatherings, my oldest son's preschool party, and family get togethers, this is a busy time of year for potlucking (yes, I just said potlucking). I know it's busy for you too, so I thought I'd share some of my all-time favourite Family Feedbag appetizer recipes that make lovely potluck take-alongs.

These are one-bite turkey dinners with ground turkey meat, stuffing, and a whole cranberry tucked in the centre of each meatball. The cranberry lime dipping sauce adds a punch of fruity flavour.

This sweet and sour chutney made with firms pears and dried cranberries is gorgeous on a platter of crackers and cheese. I love this stuff!

Crispy yet tender, these crab cakes are seasoned with dill and served with a cool, creamy dip that has a mild kick.

Chopped black and green olives with sun dried tomatoes. This appetizer is so easy to make, and is nice served with crackers or simple sliced baguette.

These golden and crispy fritters are the ultimate finger food, served with an incredible mayo dip that's got zing and heat.

Get the party started!

What's your favourite dish to take to a potluck? Have you ever had a potluck disaster and dropped it on the way to the party? Share your holiday potluck stories and recipes!