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Happy 4th birthday cake

Oh my goodness, I can't even tell you how excited I am that I made this cake! Today is my oldest son's 4th birthday, and I don't have a history of successful cake decorating (pies are much more my thing!). So I'm totally chuffed that I was able to make him the cake he wanted - purple with rainbow sprinkles. I love that he wanted something so darling.

I'll share the recipe for the cake soon, as it's an orange-flavoured cake I've been working on recently that my son adores. There are four layers of cake in there, and it's iced here with a simple confectioner's sugar icing. All purple of course!

Okay, back to the festivities. I just wanted to pop in here first and show you all my creation. I love it when a challenge in the kitchen comes together and my kitchen confidence goes up!