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Dishwasher art

I've mentioned it before. I love turquoise. I knew I had a lot of turquoise kitchen stuff in drawers and cabinets, but I was surprised to find I can actually stuff the dishwasher pretty full with all of it. I do adore turquoise, but somewhere not too deep down I worry that one day I'll be one of those old ladies who always wears the same colour. Don't let me do that.

Yes, okay, I know this makes me look like I have loads of time on my hands. The reality is this dishwasher art was done in the time between picking my oldest son up at space camp and meeting some other moms and kids at the playground down the street. I probably should have been cleaning the kitchen or doing some laundry or something. But taking some time, even just a moment each day, to do something creative keeps me happy.

Your turn. Which one of these dishwashers makes you most happy?