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Shopping the Sunday Markets

We had a chance as a family this weekend to check out two public markets in downtown Victoria and bring some yumminess home with us. Lucky us!

First we went to Sunday Market in the Square, located in Centennial Square. The weather was fab and the vendors friendly. One vendor actually did funny tricks with his face trying to cheer up our grumpy 3-year-old. It worked. We browsed, but more importantly we bought. Our purchases started with a jar of smoked tomato salsa from Camille's, made with locally grown tomatoes. Chef and owner, David Mincey, sold me the jar himself and promised deliciousness. He doesn't lie. Delish!

We left Centennial Square and headed over to Market Square next for the new Downtown Victoria Farmers' Market. I was so happy to see Salt Spring Island's Foxglove Farm there! I took Mincey's canning and preserving class there last year and fell in love with the place. Not only are they passionate about local food production, they encourage others to get excited about it too by offering some incredible workshops like cheesemaking, fermentation, and a culinary bootcamp (I covet that last one!). I just had to buy some of their very own whole wheat flour. Local flour! How could I not buy a bag?

While I was drooling over Foxglove's stall, the boys were admiring some freshly made bread. Our 3-year-old got pretty excited and said he just had to buy some. Well, alrighty then! So we left with a loaf of rustic ale bread and a crusty baguette in bags labeled Bread by Matt.

I've never met Matt, but based on his bread I'd guess he's a pretty awesome guy. We certainly enjoyed snacking on this gorgeous bread for the rest of the weekend. It was perfect smeared with some cream cheese and topped with the smoked tomato salsa.

Yummiest moment of the weekend right there.

Do you visit farmers' markets? Which ones are your faves? What sorts of eats do you usually look for at them? Leave a comment!