Spring veggie planting

It's finally time! It has been warm enough for long enough now that we made a family decision this weekend to plant some veggie seeds in the garden. I love watching our garden grow from the kitchen window, and I love cooking with ingredients from our backyard. Slipping on some shoes and heading out back for some fresh herbs and vegetables is the shortest shopping trip I ever make. 

It's still quite early in the spring planting season, so we started with carrots and zucchini. Other seeds, like cucumbers and peas, will be planted in the coming weeks.

Mr. Feedbag built our 18-foot long raised garden beds in time for last year's growing season. He's got a much greener thumb than I do, and is much handier with a saw and a wheelbarrow as well. He did all the tilling of the soil this weekend while our oldest boy whacked a stick around the garden, telling us he was "sharpening" it on the edge of one of the garden beds. Okie dokie!

We're figuring out through trial and error what works best in our garden. Last year we planted strawberries, tomatoes, corn, green beans, zucchini, cucumbers, butternut squash, pumpkins, and lettuce. We also had nine herbs and two fruit trees - apple and pear. The corn and pumpkins were a total flop, so we won't be growing those again. But the rest worked nicely and this year we're adding peas, blueberries, raspberries, and rhubarb. I adore sour rhubarb!

Planting the carrot seeds was fun. We dug shallow trenches in the wet soil and sprinkled the tiny seeds inside. Mr. Feedbag then covered each trench with fertilizer as the packet instructed. Next, the larger zucchini seeds were planted in pairs in shallow holes and covered over with the dark soil.

And now we wait!

I was really pleased to see how healthy the soil is this spring. Last fall, Mr. Feedbag covered our garden beds in a layer of leaves raked from beneath our apple and pear trees, and they decomposed nicely over the winter. The evidence is in the number of fat worms crawling through the soil this weekend!

When's the last time you saw a worm on a food blog?! Ha ha ha! Blech!

Are you excited about the spring planting season? What are you growing in your garden this year? What do you do with all your gorgeous fruits and veggies come harvest time?


  1. LOVE it!!! You will have another wonderful garden this year!!! I so wish we had space to do that. I'm hoping to plant some herbs this week out on my balcony garden;)

  2. Mmmm that worm looks mighty tasty lol..You have one seriously super lovely garden to play with. The bounty will be so rewarding, can't wait to see it all at harvest time. As for the boy and his stick, I swear they never outgrow that. My 14 year old still loves to play with them!

  3. Can I ask you if you have plans somewhere for your garden boxes? We are totally redoing our garden next year and I LOVE how you have it!

  4. Hi Jocelyn - Thanks! My husband built the garden boxes from untreated cedar and lined them with landscaping fabric. They are 18 feet long, but only 4 feet wide so we can reach our plants from either side of the box. And there is enough room between them to run a lawnmower through there. I'm not sure where he learned how to make them (it's the handiest thing he's done around the house!), but I know he was googling a lot before he settled on a strategy.

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