Dining room chalkboard

Our dining room is a bit of a mish mash these days - modern furniture, the old wood floors and mouldings of a seventy-year-old home, and a playpen tucked in one corner. For me, a formal dining room is just a little too... well... formal. That's why I love this framed chalkboard made from an old mirror. It's casual and quirky and full of creative possibilities.

To make it, I removed the mirror from the large frame. Then Mr. Feedbag gave the backing a couple coats of black chalkboard paint from the hardware store. A pretty simple weekend project! All sorts of messages and drawings have lived inside its white frame. Things like...

And also a little bit of...

And adorning the wall this week is a little bit of...

The whole family gets to have fun with our dining room chalkboard. It changes with the seasons, it carries loving messages for special holidays and family celebrations, and it makes our mish mash dining room a happy place to be.

Are chalkboards a part of your home? How do you get creative with your kitchen and dining decor? Leave a comment and tell me all about it!


  1. OMG, I love this! I was thinking of getting a big white board for the kitchen, but I might change my mind :)

  2. i love these pictures!! big and little?? uber cute!!! best chalkboard ever. <3

  3. My grandmother always had a chalkboard in her kitchen. I loved writing messages and drawing on it!