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Sunday market shopping

I really like grocery shopping. It's tricky to do with a couple kids along, for sure, but I like it anyway. Being surrounded by thousands of ingredients gives my imagination a nudge and gets me excited about spending time in my kitchen creating something yummy. Supermarkets are my go-to place for everyday shopping, but on the weekend I love a good farmers market. Today my oldest boy and I shopped at my favourite butcher up island and a farmers market nearby.

The first goodies to end up in our shopping basket were some crisp orange peppers, followed by some juicy blood oranges. I don't know what I'm going to do with them yet, but I'll think of something yummy. I smiled when I saw the small mountain of green beans. Last week when I told my son he was a cutie, he added, "Like a fresh green bean."

My love of grocery shopping seems to be contagious. My son and I have a lot of fun deciding what to buy and what we'll do with it. There's still so much that's new to him; so much he's never seen. Like this piece of ginger I handed him.

So the fridge is full of possibilities again. This week's meals are waiting to be chopped, stirred, and shared. I don't know what they'll be yet, but after today I have a few ideas...

Do you like grocery shopping too? Got any tips for shopping with kids (I could use some)? Do you plan your meals ahead of time or wait to see what inspires you?