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Peaches & cream tea

There's nothing like a hot drink to bring some calm to my busy day with kids. Right now my favourite hot drink is peaches and cream tea. I first got a taste of its comforting sweetness during a visit to my local tea shop, Silk Road. They offered me a sample and I was instantly in love! It's like a warm peach cobbler with ice cream... in a tea cup!

I was intimidated by loose teas for years. How do you brew it? How much do I use? What sort of tools do I need? Eep! I eventually got over my wobbly knees and picked up a few tools and a few teas. Now I have a small collection of loose teas that bring me a comforting warm hug when I need them.

Peaches and cream tea is made with Silk Road's Peach Paradise blend. J'adore! It's perfect at the end of a long day with my kids, or for when a friend drops by for a quick visit. It feels good to offer a little something, and a warm cup of this yummy tea can be a nice treat for a busy friend.

First I put some of the Peach Paradise loose tea in my teapot with a built-in infuser. It doesn't take much. About a teaspoon of tea for my two-cup teapot. Then boiling water goes over top (it's tea, not rocket science).

After it steeps, out comes the infuser and in goes the magic: one teaspoon of sweetened condensed milk. Yup, you read that right. Decadent, creamy, sweetened condensed milk. Heck, I sneak in a little bit more than that if I'm honest! Then I stir it up and pick out a favourite teacup or mug.

Honestly. Does it get any better than that? Hot drinks and jazz save my day sometimes.

Do you need a hot drink fix in your day too? What is your favourite hot drink? Coffee versus tea: discuss!