Peaches & cream tea

There's nothing like a hot drink to bring some calm to my busy day with kids. Right now my favourite hot drink is peaches and cream tea. I first got a taste of its comforting sweetness during a visit to my local tea shop, Silk Road. They offered me a sample and I was instantly in love! It's like a warm peach cobbler with ice cream... in a tea cup!

I was intimidated by loose teas for years. How do you brew it? How much do I use? What sort of tools do I need? Eep! I eventually got over my wobbly knees and picked up a few tools and a few teas. Now I have a small collection of loose teas that bring me a comforting warm hug when I need them.

Peaches and cream tea is made with Silk Road's Peach Paradise blend. J'adore! It's perfect at the end of a long day with my kids, or for when a friend drops by for a quick visit. It feels good to offer a little something, and a warm cup of this yummy tea can be a nice treat for a busy friend.

First I put some of the Peach Paradise loose tea in my teapot with a built-in infuser. It doesn't take much. About a teaspoon of tea for my two-cup teapot. Then boiling water goes over top (it's tea, not rocket science).

After it steeps, out comes the infuser and in goes the magic: one teaspoon of sweetened condensed milk. Yup, you read that right. Decadent, creamy, sweetened condensed milk. Heck, I sneak in a little bit more than that if I'm honest! Then I stir it up and pick out a favourite teacup or mug.

Honestly. Does it get any better than that? Hot drinks and jazz save my day sometimes.

Do you need a hot drink fix in your day too? What is your favourite hot drink? Coffee versus tea: discuss!


  1. I've stopped drinking coffee all day (which is my true love but super bad for me) and switched to herbal tea. This sounds like perfection in the afternoon. You've inspired me!

  2. Man could we have used some jazz and peach tea today....wink wink :P

  3. Cupcake - I hear ya on the coffee all day! I so wish I could do it, but I'm a trembling mess when I do.

    Luv - I think we could have used something even stronger! Perhaps I should start carrying around a sippy cup for myself...

  4. I'm a total tea drinker - don't drink coffee at all, ever - and it does the trick for me too. I'm not nearly as fancy as you are, but learning how to brew the perfect tea is on my life list. (I tend to just chuck the bag in, dunk it around and yank it out. Oh, the horror.)

    On a separate note, I love the photos you're using on your blog. Great style.

  5. There's nothing wrong with a sunk, dunking tea-bag cup...sometimes it's just a mercy thing, really in the face of a "crisis" moment!! LOL

    I LOVE black coffee (fresh ground beans....mmmm) and have learned to do with less for the sake of my less-than-youthful self, but we've found we also love Tetley's Chai Tea - and as a treat, a splash of French Vanilla coffee creamer. It's my once in awhile decadent splurge, because if I actually opened a can of sweetened condensed milk, I would just EAT it!! lol