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Kitchen Crushes - Stube scale

Smooth your skirt and adjust your brassiere! It's time again for Kitchen Crushes.

This delicious vintage scale found its way to my kitchen on a recent weekend thrifting adventure with my friend Shannon (if you don't know her blog, luvinthemommyhood, you really should). We were on the hunt for some vintage Pyrex dishes to pretty up our kitchens, babies in tow, when I rounded a corner at the back of the first store we went to, and there, at eye level, was this sassy little dame. Hello, gorgeous!

It was fate. I had been wanting a kitchen scale for a while. So I brought it home, gave it a little sponge bath to make the chrome tray and metal enamel shine again, and gave it a prominent home on my kitchen shelves. I've since learned it was manufactured in the former West Germany in the 1960s. So to honour its German origins I've named her Green Gertie.

Every time I walk by her I can't help but feel inspired by her vintage charms.

Do you have some vintage in your kitchen? Do you ever make vintage recipes for your family?