Kitchen Crushes - KitchenAid mixer

Grin pretty and bat your lashes! It's time again for Kitchen Crushes.

There are few things in life that bring me as much happiness as standing at my kitchen counter, apron tied in a bow at my back, jazz music floating above my head, and peaking into the bowl of my KitchenAid mixer as it swirls together the beginnings of something yummy.

My mixer was a gift from my husband on our first Christmas together as a married couple. I had wanted one for ages, of course. What sane home cook wouldn't? Not only did my husband figure I would adore having one, he special ordered it from a company in California so I could have a model in the softest shade of turquoise; a shade KitchenAid officially calls Ice; a shade that has long been a favourite of mine. I have an intense fondness for anything this colour that can't be explained.

My mixer sits on the kitchen sideboard, waist height, ready to be picked up and lovingly carried to the kitchen counter when mixing is needed. Its voluptuous silhouette has timeless appeal. Its sturdy power a sign of quality. I suppose part of my affection for my mixer is knowing I'll be gazing at its glossy curves for decades to come. It'll play a role in countless family meals, holiday feasts, and decadent birthday cakes. It'll help me make bread to feed my family, chocolatey treats to share with friends, and cookies for school bake sales. And all along, amid the dizziness of everyday life, my kids will stop now and again to make silly faces into its big shiny bowl.

Do you have a KitchenAid mixer? Do you drool over yours too? Are there any tools in your kitchen that you just love to bits? Tell me about your kitchen crushes!


  1. I have a crush on your mixer too!! I have a cheap knockoff...I want the real deal and HAVE wanted it for a long time but sadly we got the knockoff as a wedding gift and I'm waiting for it to crap out before I splurge.

    GREAT gift from your husband...especially the whole special ordering to get your fav colour!

  2. Yes I have one and I love it!! I love the color of yours though...jealous.

  3. My KitchenAid mixer has had my heart for many years. Along with it, I love my Wustof chef knife. It was one of the greatest gifts I've received.
    PS- I love the colour of your mixer. Very Tiffany Blue-esque!

  4. I had a funny feeling you all had mixers! Some things I still mix by hand, but I can't be bothered to knead by hand. I think I have wimpy hands.

    The Jo - I envy your Wustof! My knives do the trick, but they're nuthin' fancy. Maybe I should start my next Christmas list...

  5. My husband, his parents and my Mom bought me my mixer as a Christmas gift a few years ago. I had been using my Grandmother's ancient one, but I wanted a shiny new one that I could keep out on my counter. I have a pewter coloured professional series ones. Love it. Love it. Love it. I have been known to run my hand over it when I pass it by in the kitchen.

    My other favourite kitchen tool is my cookie scoop.