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Kitchen Crushes - IKEA Smaska

Put on your lipgloss and flip your hair. It's time for Kitchen Crushes!

These IKEA plastic plates, bowls, and flatware appear at nearly every meal in our house. They're sturdy, practical, and the colours are so fun that I can't help but want to arrange food cutely on 'em!

We don't have an IKEA near our house, living on an island and all, but we hop on the ferry at least once a year specifically to shop at the blue and yellow. That's going to get a little trickier now that we have two kids crammed into the backseat of our hatchback. But the journey is always worth it when lovelies like these come home with us.

Hey IKEA SMASKA plates, bowls, and flatware,
I saw you sitting in the cabinet today and was totally, like, thinking how cute you are and stuff. Anyway, I have these kiwis and, like, I wanna cut one up and eat it off one of you.
Do you shop at IKEA for your kitchen tools? Which ones are your favourites? What does SMASKA mean in Swedish anyway?